In my spare time...
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So what do I do in my spare time?  I spend a lot of my time reading.  In particular, I love to read old newspapers.  Years ago I had to do this by going to the library and loading up reels of microfilm, but now it is just a few clicks of a mouse button away at home.  

Of course, I don't limit myself to just reading.

In the summertime I love to ride my bike.  I have a Trek 720 which I like to ride along the Hudson River from Watervliet to downtown Albany, New York.  When I get there, I pull out my laptop and sit down under a tree.  Eventually, my battery dies out and I am forced to turn around and come back.  The nine mile journey is a beautiful ride and great exercise.  I also like to ride the bike path from Niskayuna to Schenectady, but it takes some traveling time by car for me to get there.

I love to go on hikes.  For a good hike, I have been known to head down to Lake Minnewaska near New Paltz.  It's not the most physical of challenges, but the view is just incredible.  My favorite hiking spot of all time is the Niagara Falls Gorge, although I almost fell off the edge once. (That's a story for another day.)


I am also an avid inventor.  I'm sure that I have over one hundred inventions in various stages of development.  Some are worth nothing and others are worth a fortune.  My first invention, the Expandable Universe, is in the prototype stage.  It is the first truly expandable enclosure for small birds, reptiles, small pets, plants, and small children (just kidding!).  You can see it at