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Finally, continuing our long-standing tradition of pointing out the pointless, we introduce the simply (yet aptly) titled Useless Information. Of course, we realize that the word "useless" is highly subjective, and this nice site proves the point. For example, you can learn about David Rice Atchison (the real twelfth President of the United States), read the amazing tale of the Michael Malloy Murder Trust, understand the real value of Vaseline, and find out why chickens wear contact lenses, among other things. Useless? Useful? Up to you: take your pick(s). 
Nicely Useless:  Some people spend their online lives scouring the Web for valuable information. Not these folks at the aptly named Useless Information site.
Who says that useless information isn't fun information? If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, visit the Useless Information Home Page. Here you'll find tidbits about everything from self-propelling rocks to the history of Vaseline. Additional links and references are provided for each fun fact. 
(Ranked #5 in the article "Top Ten Truly Trivial Trivia Pages") 
Another in a long line of useless knowledge pages, the Useless Information Home Page dedicates space to things like the book written without use of the letter E, PEZ dispensers, Vaseline, and Total cereal. The articles are well written, a rarity for trivia pages, and related links are included to expand your knowledge of the little known.
Who says that useless information isn't fun information? If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, visit the Useless Information Home Page. Here you'll find tidbits about everything from self-propelling rocks to the history of Vaseline. Additional links and references are provided for each fun fact.
Anecdotes, trivia and forgotten history don't sound useless at all! Stuff you never needed to know, but which your life would be incomplete without is the webmaster's fair description. Topics covered in one edition include the history of condoms, Mount Pelee, and ill-fated US President James Garfield. 

  Web Choice Award
Useless Information - Presented on a Don't-Need-to-Know Basis

Anyone with a thirst for trivia will enjoy this site, maintained by an American science teacher. Did you know that urine was used for centuries as an ingredient in toothpaste? Or that Coca-Cola can be used - if you're that desperate - as a contraceptive? Hundreds of fascinating facts can be culled from these pages. Most, though, are to be found in full-length stories on a particular subject, many with pictures or photographs. The tale of the 1904 Olympics is both shocking and hilarious; so is the account of what happened when an American toy company put Flubber on the shelves in 1963. There's a strong academic vein to this bunkum, with plenty of historical and scientific background. Some of the yarns are rather long-winded as a result, but perseverance pays dividends. 

An amusing American site offering a wealth of useless facts, stories and anecdotes. Tales range from the bizarre (How 1930s screen legend Hedy Lamarr invented modern missile control and telecommunications) to the ridiculous (Contact lenses for chickens). All true, apparently.
Those wanting purely useless trivia and information should visit the Useless Information site. It includes such gems as the invention patented by actress Hedy Lamarr – frequency hopping for torpedo control to prevent an enemy from jamming control signals.
It's late at night. You've had a hard day surfing the net.  Okay, you've had a day of surfing the net. Now it's time for some activity of the lighter side. No, I don't mean light bulbs or feather pillows. Today's site is enough for all of us to have some fun with. It is called Useless Information. To coin a phrase of Forest Gump, "Useless is as useless does". The data on this site is of such a wide variety it is hard to put under a single subject. What is interesting to one person someone else will probably care less about?  Where else could you learn about Hedy Lamarr, 1940's movie star, patenting an invention that would be the foundation for modern day missile guidance systems? Find out about the term of President David Rice Atchison, and the unique place where he spent his entire term of office. (Hint: it wasn't the White House). Learn about the day that Niagara Falls quit falling, and find out about the many uses of Vaseline. These are just a few of the Ripley-esque type of articles that are on this site. All of them are true, and all are vveeerrrryyyy interesting. Enjoy your stop. 
Did you know that the U.S. had another President in office between the terms of James Polk and Zachary Taylor? Or that salesmen originally tried to sell people on drinking homogenized milk by showing them jars of vomit? Or did you know that wearing a bra can potentially kill you (maybe)? Well, you would if you had stopped by tonite's site. It's a collection of did-you-know stories, which kind of reminded us of Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story". Actually, the creators of this site have come up with some pretty intriguing stuff. None of it will really do any good (hence the title), but you may impress your co-workers with an interesting factoid. 
Here's Some Terribly Fascinating But Certifiably Useless Information. 
This site really needs no introduction. It lives up to it's name exactly. But, it's really a lot of fun! There are all sorts of interesting tidbits of info to be found here. The site is easy to use and loads quickly, of course, but content rules supreme here. The Useless Information Home Page is definitely a Cool Banana!
A Source for Our Inspiration.
Some Useless facts about everything including Vaseline: This gooey stuff has been the subject of many jokes.  Yet, at one time it was a miracle gel. People used it for nearly every purpose. One man had such faith in the product that he ate it every single day. Can this petroleum based gel actually be yummy for your tummy?
Useless Information. Just what the web needs more of!
A great site for trivia buffs!

Cool Site of the Hour

Fun Site Grab Bag
The Useless Information Home Page features little known facts (some for very good reasons). For example, you can learn about the real value of Vaseline, and find out why chickens wear contact lenses.
Useless Information.  Everyone knows Hedy Lamarr is best known as one of Hollywood's glamour gals. But did you also know that she patented an invention that set the groundwork for modern missile control and telecommunications?  And how about Mary Phelps Jacob. She was widely credited with inventing the brassiere way back in 1913. Did she really invent this garment? Better yet, did you know that it could possibly kill you? Check out the real answers at Useless Information.
Stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without.  I spent hours here.  I never intended to but it was fascinating.
A few laughs for those who want to store useless information to use at a cocktail party or as an anecdote for a speech.
What did you think you were going to get, MEDLINE?? But if you just can't get enough really useless information, take a look at this and soak it all up.
I can guarantee you will have a good time here. Find out interesting facts like why on one day the Niagara Falls suddenly stopped falling... Great narrative with snappy humor. The author is a fan of the one-and-only Cecil Adams.
A collection of oddball, but totally true, stories. They are all well researched and fun to read. There's something here for everyone.
It's about time someone pointed this stuff out! Everything from why some chickens are wearing contact lenses to the scoop on how your brassiere could kill you (I've taken mine off to be safe) can be found on this site. Drop by during your lunch hour! It's easier to explain to your boss that you've been visiting this site than www.playboy.com when she's reviewing the company's web activity logs!
No, we haven't missed the irony, but trust us -- this is a great site. Full of articles and information on some very trivial subjects that will keep you reading for a while. If you like trivia and Cable stations like A&E, The Learning Channel or The History Channel, you're gonna love this site.
With the weekend at hand, it's time to get useless...useless information, that is.  These are assorted anecdotes that serve no purpose but to entertain.  Try not to let these make you think too hard.  If you feel bad about not showing up for last week's election, be sure to read about Mount Pelee's election day, in 1902.
Totally Useless Bits of Information! Did you know? Hedy Lamarr invented the first twin torpedo system. What forgotten President of the U.S.A. was assassinated... twice?
Trivia that might win contests!
Fascinating true stories about things that you probably never knew. Fun and easy to navigate.
Vaseline? A miracle gel? Contact Lenses for Children? America's First Toilet Paper Shortage? While the fascinating, fun, and often freaky factoids showcased at Useless Information may not be a helpful resource for, say, the next job interview, everyone who visits here will enjoy the surprising number of unusual tidbits available. Each item, such as a detailed account of the Great Molasses Boston Tragedy, is featured in a separate sub-page. Links to This is True, Why Ask Why?, Mr. Smarty Pants Knows, and other fun pages are provided. Users with a taste for trivia will want to check out the many reference resources noted in the Articles and Books sub-page.

Site of the Week
You don't remember when Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, but you know that Jean-Claude Van Damme just separated from his fourth wife. With so many useless facts floating around in our heads, we might as well gather some useless facts that serve as good conversation starters. Visit the Useless Information Home Page for the best of the best in stories devoid of intellectual significance. 

Are you surprised at how much useless information is swimming around in your head? You're probably even more blown away by the amount of useless information swimming around other peoples' heads. It's important to know your geography and multiplication tables, but it's also important to have a few useless facts tucked away in your brain in case a conversation looks like it's dying. Nothing revives a crowd more than the true story of how forks were invented. 

Replenish your bank of useless knowledge by visiting the Useless Information Home Page. With over 60 fascinating true stories to share, this site showcases "stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without." Read about the amazing life of Violet Jessop, a nurse who survived the sinking of the Titanic as well as the sinkings of two other ships, the Olympic and the Britannic. Learn about the day that Niagara Falls stopped falling or how hot, steaming molasses once flooded Boston. 

Each story includes a sidebar that highlights Web links related to the subject and lists books and other references for learning more. It may take more research to learn all there is about the origin of Pez Candy, after all. The site also answers the burning questions of your youth. Haven't you always wanted to know how they get 100% of your daily allowance of vitamins and minerals in Total Cereal? And how exactly do they get Teflon to stick to the pan? The Useless Information Home Page tells you. 

The stories on the site may all sound like urban legends, but they're true. True, we say! You have no real reason to visit the site, but then again, you have no reason to know how the fork was invented either.  
If trivia is of interest to you, this site, The Useless Information Home Page, will keep you fascinated for many hours. Consider the story of the first subway line built in New York City, or read about actress Hedy Lamarr's other life - she patented a device whose concept would prove to be very useful to missle guidance and modern telecommunications. There are over sixty stories here, trivia but, not trivial.
Truth in advertising. This page is a shrine to the trivial.  If you ever wondered what the "WD" in WD-40 stands for or want to learn about the great Flubber controversy of 1961, this is the site for you.  Who knows, the knowledge you glean from this site may just put you over the edge in a hard fought Trivial Pursuit game.
Sixty "fascinating stories" of old news like the 1904 St. Louis Olympics, an entire book written without e's, and the man who ate a spoonful of Vaseline every day. (Fur balls?)

Useless information has a strange and wonderful property: it is frequently more useful than information that is supposed to be useful in its own right. Consider, for example, the daily usefulness of things we were required to memorize in school: State capitals, Boyle's Law, taxonomy, the binomial theorem, the date of the Peloponnesian War, and the like. Who wouldn't gladly trade the time and brain space consumed by these things for knowledge of the origins of Band Aids? Listerine? Vaseline? Aspirin? Condoms? Bras? Or flash lights? You could marvel friends and coworkers with histories of toilet paper, xerography and toy trains! Steven Silverman, a high school science teacher, offers us such an opportunity with his extensive and entertaining Web site. Over 60 fascinating articles cover a variety of topics, such as the hazards of vinegar, the chemistry of Grecian Formula, lost NYC subway stations, and what happens when you pull the stopper out of a lake. You'll also find witty biographies, pictures, and original graphics, as well as useless books, articles, and links. Why don't they teach this stuff in more schools?

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